Monday, November 29

Deck the Halls

I love Christmas and everything about it! Since Ken was abandoning me for two weeks (also known as the EVIL Captain's Career Course), we decided to get the tree right after Thanksgiving! There aren't tree lots everywhere like we are used to, probably because this is the desert, however, Home Depot was able to provide us with a nice specimen. The boys ran around trying to pull trees down on themselves and generally be crazy people but we managed to get them all home (boys AND trees) in one piece. We decided to get little baby trees for the boys room too so their room could be festive as well. It also gave them something to decorate without Mommy's stamp of approval.These baby trees look nice!
Daddy presents the next potential Nelson tree for our appraisal
Why can't you just pick a tree, Mommy??

Thomas is getting so grown up!
Mommy sporting a new haircut

Tata helped put up the many ornaments that we have and despite their being no snow, it was just like being back in Maryland. There were a few mishaps and breaking of glass ornament balls, but nothing too disastrous. Now comes the job of decorating the rest of the house while Ken is gone. I will let you know how that goes......

Look at my tree!

Monday, November 8

A day in the life

I will admit that even on the best of days, I have never been the most TIMELY of gals, shall we say. Many of my beloved friends will even refer to me as being "late" many of the time. HOWEVER, this being said, nothing can make a person more late or crazier than trying to get herself, two toddlers and a baby out of the door in a timely manner every morning. Well, not without forgetting to do at least one thing or leaving something that you probably needed.

Here is a typical morning for us. Today started off earlier than usual so you would think that would help things move smoother. By earlier, I mean that William was up since 5 am and Tom since 4 am. Ken was up with Tom and then poked me awake to join in the fun at 5 am since he had to get ready for work.

Breakfast went better than normal. Only a little bit of crying and minimal oatmeal in Tom's hair. I had forgotten (too tired actually) to make lunches last night so I made lunches, fixed Will's bottles and packed everything up. So far, so good. On to getting dressed. A few discarded t-shirts and the demand for jeans satisfied, we then went to dress William. What a cute outfit! Oh no! Will threw up on it and me. Change the outfit and put on a new one. No time to shower now, so put on some clothes and make face look somewhat decent.

Now, time to try to herd the turtles (a phrase I have borrowed from a favorite website, "Rants from Mommyland"-- check it out, it is really funny!) to the car. This is really the most difficult part as there is much difficulty in achieving this advance to the minivan. Once strapped in, I check that everyone is in and then "we're off!"

I get to school/daycare, unbuckle everyone and plant Joe and Tom on the sidewalk while I get Will out in his carseat along with the 2 bags full to the brim with backpacks/lunches/stuff that I seem to have to lug every day. I drag myself, baby and bags to the door of school with Joe and Tom straggling behind and *hope* that someone else makes it there first so they can hold the door open for the crazy lady with all the kids and bags. I must truly be a sight since most people seem to rush to the door and say "let me help you..." Anyhow...drop everyone off then realize I forgot the thermoses. AGAIN. Like for the third time in a row. UGH! I even have a checklist so I don't forget these things!

All of this happening of course while I have not even started officially working yet. I am only setting up my practice and doing all the legwork for that. Oh, and getting my house in order. Yeah, right. Somehow, 4 pm comes along and all I feel I have accomplished is

1. Pump 2x (on good days)
2. Start laundry
3. Make a few phone calls regarding job and fill out neverending paperwork
4. Check email
5. Eat lunch
6. Shower (sometimes)

That is not a very efficient use of time and it begs the question, "what in the heck am I going to do once I really start working???" Not a pretty thought but one that pops into my head a bit. Well, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. For now though, I have some time during the day to get at least SOME stuff accomplished for work without little dancing monkeys at my side.