Monday, April 28

Key West

I whisked Ken away for a long weekend to Key West for his birthday last weekend. All he knew was that we were going somewhere warm until we landed in Miami and I told him we were headed to the Keys! It was so beautiful there and the weather was perfect! It had been college since either of us had been there too! We went to Zachary Taylor Park on Saturday and hung out at the little beach there then it was a day trip to Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson. I even managed to not get seasick (much!) during the 2 and 1/2 hour trip out there. The snorkeling there was AMAZING with so many different fish and coral. The last day we did some sightseeing around the city including the Southernmost Point and the Lighthouse museum.

Ken about to dive into the water by the rocks

A view of Fort Jefferson and the South Pilings (remains of an old dock) where we snorkeled and saw lots of cool fish

In front of the main salley port and drawbridge

View from the roof of the fort

Sightseeing on the Conch Train

Of course there were lots of calls to the grandparents back home to check on Joe. It was weird without missing an arm or something! Fortunately though, the grandparents managed to keep little Joe fed, watered, and bathed without major incident. Heehee! They all had a good time and so did we but we were happy to be back with him on Monday

Thursday, April 24

Fun in the park

The weather has been so great lately that we have made several trips to our local park this week after getting home from work. Joe loves to go on the swings and watches the 'big boys' intently as they run around and jump on the equipment. He has even tried out the slide! (with some help from Mommy)


Higher Daddy, higher!!

Joe is fascinated with the other boys that are at the playground

Look who stopped by to play with us!! Uncle Rubi and Mamama!

Tuesday, April 22

Joe in a box

As we all know, nothing is more fun than an empty box! Pap pap and Nonni got this while shopping over the weekend and Joe can't seem to get enough of it!
Hangin' out in my box
Look at me!

Fun, fun, fun!

Joseph meets Joseph

My high school friend, Katharine, and her son Joseph (3 months old) were in town this week for a conference so we were able to coordinate our schedules and have them over for dinner! It was so fun to see them since the last time was way back in August before Joe was born! Hopefully, we will be making a trip out to see them soon out in Oahu, Hawaii. . . .what a great place to be stationed, don't you think?

Kathy and Danhi (my old high school name...long story) and sons, Joseph and Joseph!

C'mon guys, sit still!

No more pictures, Mommy!!

Saturday, April 12

Zippin' around

Joe is crawling! He has been doing the army low crawl with his hands (appropriate, don't you think?) for the last two weeks. These days, he is also getting around much quicker and chases us around the kitchen and family room. Gotta finish getting those rooms babyproofed!

On the move

Cheese! Taking a break for a picture

Running around in the court with the neighborhood kids

Drummin' like Mommy!

Sunday, April 6

Happy Birthday Ken!

We celebrated Ken's birthday today at home! He and I went to a birthday dinner the night before at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Bethesda. Yummy! Sunday morning we had a relaxing breakfast then time for presents!
Ken opening his gift with Joe's help

Isn't wrapping paper so much fun!!! Joe had a great time ripping the paper to shreds. . .who needs fancy toys when you have this??

Friday, April 4

Little Major

Since Joe spends his weekdays at school (aka daycare), I asked Ken to take some pictures one afternoon when he picked him up. This is the result of that request.. . .

Joe is sitting in the "protected area" away from the rampaging mob of troublemakers
Joel, the head troublemaker himself!
Little Major Joe at your service!

Joe and his teachers, Shonda and Susanna