Sunday, February 28

Ski Trip 2010

We finally had a weekend where Ken was not working and we weren't traveling somewhere, so what did we do?? Go on a ski trip to Appalachia Ski Mountain in Western North Carolina. It was a little under 2 hours so not a bad drive. We rented skiis for Joe and a helmet (he insisted on it..."Daddy, helmet? Daddy, helmet?") and then Ken and Joe went to the bunny hill to give it a try. This was Joe's first time skiing and he did great! Ken had put skiis on him while we were in Cumberland over Christmas and pulled him around the yard but never at a real ski resort! Thomas and I bundled up and went outside to watch but then headed back in as there was nowhere really to play and the wind was pretty fierce. After a few runs, the boys came in for hot chocolate and then back outside to go at it a few more times. They even went up a chair lift at Joe's insistence and came down a blue run (with lots of help from Daddy!) At the end of the day, we had two exhausted but happy little boys. Next year will be even more fun since Thomas will be able to join in the fun too!

Joe and Daddy are all suited up and ready to go!

Coming down the beginner slope

Look Mommy--I am skiing by myself!!

Tom is ready to hit the slopes too. . .not yet little Thomas! Next year!

Thomas was all ready to go with Daddy down the hill in the backpack but then he lost a glove and started crying. Maybe next time!

Saturday, February 6

Happy 1st Birthday Thomas!

It is hard to believe, but our little man turned one on January 29! We were in Olney, MD at Mamama and Pop's house since Ken had a conference to attend in Washington, DC. We had a fun couple of days seeing Mamama, Pop, Tata, and Uncle Rubi. We also made a quick stop to see Joe's old teachers at Children in the Shoe. They all missed Joe and Thomas (who was sleeping so he stayed in the car with Mamama!) and were excited to see us. On Saturday, we had scheduled a birthday party for Thomas and everyone was planning to come but a snowstorm kept the guests to a minimum. Nonni, PapPap and Ellena trekked down from Cumberland to see the birthday boy and we all had fun nonetheless.

Our birthday boy was not feeling well so he was a bit cranky but he still managed to enjoy the homemade chocolate cake that Mommy made for him!

The crew chows down their dinner.

Look at my yummy Winnie the Pooh cake!

I LOVE chocolate cake!

The hit of the day was the "Cars" sofa, a gift from Mamama and Pop