Thursday, January 1

Happy New Year!

I can't believe it is already 2009! On the other hand, the last several months seemed to have crawled along so I am HAPPY it is the new year. That means it is less than 2 months until Ken comes home!!!!!!! YEAH!!!! Five months so far....whew! This past week was nice since I did not work but the next few promise to be quite busy. I am starting to slow down a bit at work, but not much since it is hard to try to cram in surgeries, office hours, etc. in the next few weeks before Baby Nelson #2 arrives! I have also reached the Ok, I am tired of being pregnant" stage so that is not helping matters. Joe is as busy and rambunctious as usual. He had lots of really nice presents for Christmas and is enjoying his extra time with "Mimi" as he now calls me. I think it is a cross between Mommy and Mami (Spanish version).

Joe opening presents with cousin Branden

We spent Christmas Day at my brother Gus' house with Mamama, Pop, Branden, and Aunt Mabel (Gus' mom).

32 weeks!