Wednesday, September 26

Let's BBQ!

After finally getting the last of the boxes unpacked and house straightened up, we celebrated with a BBQ! The day was absolutely lovely and not too hot. As luck would have it, our grill decided not to work, but it was Tata (aka Grandpa Ruben) to the rescue with his famous grill and even more famous Asado (beef Uruguayan style cooked over a charcoal grill) and chimichurri (a yummy sauce that goes on the meat!)

Mommy takes a break with Joe during the party

Made in Korea....Born in the USA!

The cook hard at work at the grill. Look at all those chorizos! YUM!

Ken with some of the gang on our deck...Tom, Heidi, Eirik, and Sarah. Tom and Heidi stopped by during their visit to the East coast from Missouri (they were making "baby rounds" to see all their friends with babies!)

Tuesday, September 18

Heads up!

Joe is starting to hold his head much steadier these days and is tracking things really well with his eyes. He gave us his first big smile last week too! Talk about precious!

A Day at the Beach!

We took a mini road trip to Bethany Beach, Delaware this past weekend to visit Mamama (Grandma Ruth) and Grandpa Dennis. It was a beautiful day....sunny but not too hot. We all enjoyed the afternoon at the beach and sampled some of the yummy fudge later that night!

Joe dipped his toes in the ocean for the first time!

I don't want to go home, Mommy!

Mamama and Joe are having some quiet time before bedtime

Friday, September 14

First Road Trip!

For Labor Day weekend, we headed up to Deep Creek Lake, Maryland to visit with the rest of the Nelson clan. Everyone got to meet our new addition and we all got to enjoy the fantastic weather we were blessed with!

Before we got to the lake, we made a pit stop to introduce Joe to his Great-Grandma , Nonna

Here is Joe posing with Mommy in his cool turtle outfit (not that he has many of those or anything!!!!)

Check out my crab outfit!!

. . . .and the back of the outfit

Hey Daddy, I'm not sure I can reach the handles just yet!!

Woo hoo!!! It's bathtime in the kitchen sink!! I don't think Joe will fit in there for too much longer!

If we ever wondered where to find Joe. . . all we had to do was find Nonny!!

I'll still respect you Ashlynn even though we slept together!!

Thursday, September 13


This is my first try at blogging so bear with me! Since we are such a busy family (whose isn't?), I decided to emulate one of my good friends Amy and start a blog site to keep everyone up to date on what we are up to!!

Today was a low key day for Joe and I...just some email and catching up on stuff around the house. We are still recovering somewhat from the Yard Sale from this past weekend but we had fun seeing everyone who came to visit us!

Keller was not sure what to make of his new cousin especially since he was doing a bit of crying that day!