Thursday, September 17

Sigma Alpha Eta Mu Sorority

Ok, so I am sure all of you are wondering what in the world is she talking about? What is Sigma Alpha Eta Mu and why am I talking about sororities when I am a long way from college? Well, it seems that I have stumbled upon a perhaps little known fact that being a Stay at Home Mom (or SAHM) is an elite club that you have to petition to join. Just the fact that you do it does not get you in automatically. You must be invited to join this club by other mothers if you are deemed worthy.
Almost every day, I take Joe and Thomas to a park nearby and of course there are hordes of other little kids and their moms there as well. Occasionally, a kid will play near Joe and another mother and I have reason to speak. It is always a brief exchange, no matter what is said on my part to try to initiate conversation, and then she goes back to her playgroup buddies. Talk about circling the wagons. Sometimes I feel like I am back in college, or worse high school. I find myself wondering if maybe I shouldn't be coming to the park in running shorts and a sweaty tank top as I watch these moms in their designer clothes, seemingly oblivious to the blazing heat. And of course, huge designer sunglasses. I actually own a pair of fantastic Ralph Lauren sunglasses (birthday gift courtesy of Ken) but I usually leave them in the car. Didn't I learn anything during sorority rush at Maryland? No sweaty clothes to the park even if you walked 1.5 miles to get there! Maybe I should bring a change of clothes? I must also mention that the offspring of these sorority girls are also dressed in the most inappropriate clothing for the park. Ralph Lauren polos, seersucker outfits and white frilly dresses do not seem like play clothes to me, but then again, who can say?
Far be it for me to be overly critical, I will say that on the rare occasion that the sorority girls do speak to me they were very polite and nice. This happened once after I ran into a woman I met via Helen, my MIL, and she introduced me to some of the other women. Of course after the hello, it was back to the same old routine. On a positive note, I went to the Parent's Council coffee meeting today and met two really nice women. I actually had a pleasant adult conversation with someone other than Ken or my family! They even invited me to join their online forum and playgroup! I just may receive a bid card for this sorority yet! I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, September 10

First Day of School

Joe started preschool today at Covenant Presbyterian Church. He was excited when we were at home saying "Joe school?" but not quite so happy once we arrived. Only half of the class was there and they had a shortened day so the kids could get used to school before adding an additional hour. Joe is a school pro with all the daycare he has gone to but after two solid months of being with Mommy all day, he was not a happy camper. He was all smiles though when Thomas and I picked him up! It seems crazy that he is already in preschool!!

Joe and his lunch box outside our house before we head off to school

Standing in front of the entrance

There he goes!

Monday, September 7

Labor Day with Nonni and Pap Pap

After a few days of down time, another set of doting grandparents descended upon us to the elation of Joe and Thomas. Nonni and Pap Pap drove down Wednesday night so on Thursday morning, the boys had a big surprise waiting for them! While Ken was at work, they spent time with the boys and later on, Helen, the boys and I met a friend of hers from Cumberland for lunch. She was visiting her daughter who lives in Charlotte as well, and they brought their neighbor who has a son a little younger than Joe. The rest of the weekend went by in a flash and was spent going to our favorite park, exploring a new one with the GPs and Aunt Ann, and just hanging around the house having fun. Well, I should say SWINGING around since Ken and Pap Pap hung up a swing for the boys in the enormous tree we have out front. I also convinced Nonni to help me make her famous Eggplant Parmesan so that I could learn her tricks and make it for the boys sometime. It tasted really yummy!!! Too soon, Nonni and Pap had to go but we will see them again in October!

Playing in the sandbox with Pap Pap

Thomas and Nonni take a break in the shade

Tom loves to get his hands on Joe whenever he can!