Friday, November 9

Standing tall!

These days it seems that all Joe wants us to do is let him stand up (with our help of course!) He makes his little legs really stiff and looks around like he is saying "I am such a big boy!" Probably because we say this to him all the time. It is really cute! He is also doing much better with tummy time and lifting his head up much higher and stronger than previously.

Doing a little bonding time with soon to be Godfather Rubi

I can do it myself, Daddy!

Hello, all you people out there!

Ryan Green is born!

Joe's new baby cousin Ryan Joseph Green was born today! He was 8 lb 6 oz and 19 inches! Both Mom and baby are doing fine and we are all thrilled that he is here. We can't wait to meet him!!!

Hello Baby Ryan! You are bound to be a handful if you are anything like your namesake!

Nancy and her two little darlings!

Nancy and Brady - you have your work cut out for you!!

Sunday, November 4

Fish and Dolphins and Stingrays, oh my!

As most of you know, the Nelson family are big aquarium fans (fanatics?) so we decided to make our family fun day trip to the Baltimore Aquarium today. We became members as well so we can come visit whenever we want to!! They have made many changes to the aquarium since I have been there last, with at least two new buildings and many new exhibits. The dolphin show was fun as were all the fish, stingrays and sharks that we saw. We even ran into some college friends of mine - - Kate and Drew Keller and their nephew, and had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe with them!

Hey people, let's get this show on the road! I want to see some fish!

A cute little clown fish (Nemo!)

Have you ever seen a monkey frog before??? A certain brother comes to mind. . .

Ok, I think I have seen enough fishies! Let's go home now!