Saturday, October 31

Happy HooHooHooHoolloween!

When we started talking about costumes, Joe decided he wanted to be Tigger this Halloween and Thomas would be Pooh Bear. A stroke of luck at a consignment sale got us the Pooh bear costume for Thomas (in perfect condition believe it or not!) and ebay snagged Joe's. The real question then was, what would Mommy and Daddy dress up to be. Joe then made costume assignments and dictated, "Mommy - Eeyore, Daddy - Piglet!" and that was it. There was no convincing him otherwise so after a VERY hectic month which I may or may not back track to document, on Halloween morning, the whole family set out to get the materials to make the rest of the costumes. We had the gray sweatsuit for the Eeyore and pink pants for Piglet but we needed everything else. A quick trip to the party store got us a pair of donkey ears but no piggie accessories were to be found. Onwards to the fabric store where we purchased pink fleece and pink thread. Finally, we headed to Target where we found a pink shirt in the women's department that would suffice, some pink markers and a black headband. Armed with our supplies we headed home where the boys took their naps and we furiously put together the costumes. A tail for Eeyore, pig nose, pig ears, pig tail and striped pink shirt and we were good to go! We got dressed up for the neighborhood party, loaded up the stroller and headed off! As we neared the party, we noticed that interestingly, we were the only adults dressed up. Hmmmmmm, maybe this was a CHILDREN's dress up party. No matter, we charged on ahead ready to meet the neighbors. One of our friendly neighbors introduced us to people and we got lots of compliments on how great it was that we dressed up, but I have a feeling they were thinking "Wow, these new Yankee neighbors sure are strange!" Good thing we are only here for a year! My favorite comment was from one of the few other adults who dressed up (he was a Wheaties box). Ken told him "great outfit" and the guy said, "Yours is too. You are much braver than I am." Well, I guess not many men are secure enough to wear pink but that is one of the great things about my husband. He will dress up as piglet because our 2 year old son asked him to and do it all with a smile and shake of a piggie tail! Happy Halloween!

Pooh bear bumblebee and Tigger show off their pumpkins

Pooh and friends in front of our house

We're ready to go to the party!

Shake it, Piglet!

Joe had to try on Daddy's costume and ran around the house with this for quite a while!