Sunday, January 23

Sloppy Daddy's (aka Sloppy Joe's)

Hello and Happy New Year to everyone. I have, as usual, been lax in keeping up with this blog. I promise to post some current pictures of everyone soon but until I get my new computer hooked up to the hard drive with the pix, that will have to wait.

Recent happenings with Team Nelson have included
  • Ken going to San Antonio for the Captain's Career Course and leaving me with the boys for 2 weeks
  • A visit from Mamama in early December
  • Christmas and all its fun
  • Visit from Nonni and PapPap after Christmas
  • Skiing in Santa Fe
  • Opening of the new practice this past week (finally!)

Needless to say, this past week has been crazy busy with my associate (the other general surgeon sharing the office with me) getting to El Paso and us getting the office up and running as well as Ken being away in DC for a conference. UGH! Hopefully this week will run a little smoother. All the boys are napping right now so I thought it the perfect time to write a little bit. I have finally gotten some cleaning done and am doing laundry load #3 of who knows how many left to do!

My new favorite website is which features really yummy food that is kid-friendly. This was the source of the recipe for "Sloppy Joes" that I made for lunch today and I thought nothing of it until the boys came inside from playing in the sandbox and Joe asked me "What is for lunch today, Mommy?" I answered, "Sloppy Joes" to which he said, "YUCK! I don't like Sloppy Joes!" I was very confused since I have never made this before. The boys went to the bathroom to clean up and since Joe was upset, Ken probed further to see what was wrong. Turns out Joe thought we were going to eat HIM for lunch!!! So..........we all decided that the best name for the meal would be "Sloppy Daddy's" and that is what we had for lunch! DOn't you just love kids???